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Ross Carne

Ross Carne 1955 

Introduction to LifeCHANGE

LifeCHANGE is a Canadian company that is the written by a Christian who wishes to make an impression with people. Using everyday English from the marketplace. Ross Carne with his BA in Theology and Master's in Religious Education has the education background. Ross has a published history of eight years as a weekly columnist in my local newspaper. And added to that he has many magazine articles in Canadian national and United States. 

Almost four years ago he formed the company LifeCHANGE SUPPLY. To be the official website that could be the umbrella for all his written articles, plus a Commentary on the Epistle to the Roman Church. Now, the the commentary of the Gospel of Luke.

Ross Carne and Christian Truths

Now, he this blog will express his Christian truths to the world. Knowing that there are millions of people, who do not know the truth of Scripture from their faith traditions. He does not judge them. But, rather just wants to point them in another direction. People can consider what he writes. He just speaks about the revelation of the Scriptures and writes personal stories related to his life experiences.

Ross' Writing

If you enjoy the articles on this site, send Ross a contact response below. Ross wants to only inspire the world's population. Providing them with a higher calling in Jesus Christ.

Commentary on the Epistle to Romans

In this commentary on the Epistle to Romans there will be both easy and hard truths to swallow. It was a teaching epistle to the Roman church, which apostle Paul wished to visit. If he didn't make it they would have the written letter. Then, they would at least have his complete teaching on redemption found in Jesus Christ.

The Romans church received the letter in the first century. Now we have the original letter written by Paul to that church translated into modern languages. It comprises one of the most complete redemptive letters in all Scriptures.

Articles of Stories Related to Ross Carne

Other articles of special interest that relate from Ross's life in 59 years are included on this blog. He has faced several afflictions, which has given him deep faith! As the storms of life have waged powerfully against his everyday life. Now, he can relate to most everyone in some way. Read further . . .


The approach in writing will be to look at Scripture while making current applications to people lives. Not doing this in a judgmental way. Rather he strives to provide inspired thought provoking look into the Scriptural literature. Still, he will have to write the truth as seen in the Scriptures. The truths are like dominoes they will fall as the applications are made.

©Ross Carne 2014


Dear Sir, I am a Business Development Officer for a web development company in India. Was looking through Web companies in Canada, as we are getting a few tie-up enquiries. Came across your site. Good to see another fellow Christian, Sir. Happy that you are a Bible Teacher. God Bless You Abundantly. Will keep in touch. Good Day. Abhi Peters, India.

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